AusYouth Course Introduction

AusYouth is an institution for primary and secondary school students, which aims to help students from grade 1 to grade 9 improve their academic ability, cultivate their interest in learning, find their own strengths, and obtain learning motivation and self-confidence. It has been nine years since hatching.
In order to help students fully expand their potential and cultivate their self-confidence in learning, AusYouth specially superimposes the difficulties and materials of English Teaching in the UK and mathematics in Singapore on the basis of local materials in Australia.
AusYouth's primary and secondary school teaching curriculum is mainly divided into three parts:
The first part is the mainstream courses of English and Mathematics. These are on the benchmark education level line in Australia. The level of English deepens the difficulty for half a year and Mathematics deepens the difficulty for half a year to one year, which is conducive to students' self-confidence in school learning.
The second part is the scholarship courses. The existing scholarship courses are the entrance test of Grade 5, the entrance test of Grade 7 and the entrance test of Grade 9.
The third part is the courses of language, AEAS entrance test and interest subjects. These are helpful for students to improve their ability in a single aspect.
What courses do we have

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