VCE tutorial course

The VCE tutorial course is the Victoria college entrance examination tutorial course. VCE refers to the college entrance examination in Victoria, Australia, by which students apply to universities or other higher education institutions.
Every year, about 50000 students participate in Victoria's college entrance examination (VCE), and their scores are calculated into ATAR scores (i.e. final college entrance examination scores) from 0-99.95 after overall ranking. Only 10% of them can get a total score of more than 90. More than 95% of the students who have been tutored in education in Australia have achieved a total of more than 99 points in the national college entrance examination, with a total score of more than 95%. Every year Austin Education cultivates the number one in VCE mathematics, English and Chinese, and becomes the number one in VCE in mathematical methods and specialist mathematics (with a academic score of 50). VCE mathematics sprint class, the average academic score of the whole class is more than 43 points!
95% of the students achieved a score of more than 80 points
Nearly one hundred students achieved more than 90 points
Dozens of graduates achieved more than 99 points
Austin Education also attaches great importance to the traditional advantageous subjects of science. The physics tutorial starts with the examination outline. Its science teaching group closely follows the changes of the examination outline, and adjusts the teaching focus and counseling strategy, which can more effectively improve the physics performance. Chemistry tutoring is steady. Clarify the knowledge structure and break through the bottleneck of learning. Biology tutorial breaks through difficulties from details, analyzes each knowledge point in detail, and improves quickly without pressure.
The business remedial courses of Austin Education are taught by professionals with rich teaching experience. They can directly grasp the key and difficult points and closely contact the examination knowledge, so as to quickly improve their grades in a short time.
Business Management
Austin employs professional teachers of corresponding native language to teach. The language subject college entrance examination examiner and the students with full marks in the previous college entrance examination of the language teach, so as to provide the most pure language teaching for VCE students. English Teaching in the whole process and all-round improvement. In addition to the special guidance for VCE courses, Austin's LCTL course also provides phased primary courses. The class age is unlimited, and the teaching is divided into classes according to the learning level, which is convenient for tourism learning.
French Economics
The essence of Visual Communication Design does not lie in painting skills, but in the research, thinking and expression of design ideas. A good designer does not need to be a painter, but needs novel ideas and accurate communication. Austin education employs elites in the design industry to teach and provide targeted guidance for folio, interview and other checkpoints of visual communication design, so as to develop students' design ability. In 2017, 100% of the candidates successfully entered the design related majors of RMIT or Monash University. Achievement comes from specialty!
Annual premium luxury package
It is suitable for the students of VCE Unit3 & 4 course. There are lectures during holidays to catch up with the progress of the school, enter the review stage in advance and combine teaching with practice. Rich exam questions and targeted mock questions over the years make students confident before the exam.
Semester package
It is suitable for all VCE students and is synchronized with school holidays. It enables students to consolidate their knowledge and improve rapidly.
VIP courses
Personalized VCE tutorial course. It is offered in all subjects of VCE. The number of students in class is 1-4. The teacher designs the teaching content according to the situation of each group of students, and the class time is flexible.

VCE course Dozens of graduates achieved more than 99 points Nearly one hundred students achieved more than 90 points 95% of the students achieved a score of more than 80 points Every year, Austin education can cultivate VCE top students in mathematics, English and Chinese.


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