Course pass rate: 100%
As one of the advantageous supplementary subjects of Austin Education, from 2017 to 2021, a total of 5 students in EAL obtained full marks in a single subject of English (EAL / English) (50 academic marks). Every year, there are dozens of excellent candidates with more than 40 points. Almost all students who choose to study English in Austin Education can pass the 30 point mark and enter the University smoothly!
Students who grew up in a Chinese environment often need more patience and perseverance in EAL tutoring. The teachers of Austin Education guide the students' persistent efforts with professionalism and responsibility, which has made brilliant achievements. The teachers of Austin Education and the students of grade 12 share weal and woe and often revise their compositions late at night. It is this responsible attitude and professionalism that make the teachers and students of Austin Education work together to create brilliance! Since 2018, Austin's 12th grade has offered EAL and English classes for different bibliographies. Such EAL guidance is of great help to the Sac of grade 12 students. Starting from bibliographic analysis, the content of each class can be applied to the exam.
EAL & English Special courses
Full stage high score class planning
Austin Education provides VCE full-stage curriculum planning for both EAL and English courses. The teaching materials and curriculum progress of EAL & English are different in different schools. Austin Education has set up corresponding small classes for students in grade 12 in different schools, which can help students in different schools learn and prepare for sac test according to the school progress to the greatest extent, so as to ensure that each student can play the best level in each test. On the basis of moderately exceeding the progress of the school curriculum, the overall curriculum carries out training and intensive training for the key points of each subject examination. Such a class can not only provide a good classroom atmosphere, but also give students more opportunities for learning and communication, so that students can improve together in a harmonious competitive environment.
Integrated assault special topic group class
Austin Education offers listening & language analysis intensive classes every holiday. Early learning, early breakthrough and early consolidation are a great skill in learning English! Austin Education English teaching and research group exclusively customizes listening and LA teaching materials and mock exam! Completely get rid of the fate of being dragged back by listening and lA!
Holiday / pre exam sprint mock exam
The difficulty of the exercises in VCE English books and the test questions are very different! In order to further help students enter the examination state and adapt to the examination intensity, our professional science teacher team makes corresponding sets of simulated examination questions every year in combination with the examination focus of that year. After mock exam in English, students are arranged to give one-on-one intensive lectures to help each student solve everyone's specific problems. If you want to be handy during the exam, come to Austin during the holiday / exam. Full reality simulation test helps you improve quickly!