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In the past 4 consecutive years
Austin has 7 Students
who achieved ATAR 99.95
With 100% Satisfaction
Austin is loved and trusted by students
More than 2,000 students
have achieved above 95 ATAR score
In total Austin has helped
more than 10,000 students
to achieve their study goals
Austin education is one of the largest institutions focusing on the college entrance examination in Melbourne. Since its inception, we has always been committed to building a professional team and improving teaching skills as well as developing teaching materials and simulation papers closest to the idea of the college entrance examination, which has helped thousands of students enter their favorite universities.
AusYouth adheres to the tenet of "enabling students to fully understand the world and improve their own vision", focusing on the improvement of language, literature and science for students in grade 1-9. AusYouth integrates the teaching advantages of Singapore, the United States and the United Kingdom on the basis of the Australian curriculum to provide one-stop education services for young people.
In the past ten years, Austin education has achieved excellent results in various mainstream examinations such as VCE, Private School Scholarship, Elite School Entrance Examination and AEAS. In particular, VCE group has trained more than ten top scorers in college entrance examination in recent years, and dozens of top scorers in languages, middle mathematics, high mathematics biology, chemistry, accounting and other subjects.
ATAR, Australian Tertiary Admission Rank, is the score used to apply to universities in Victoria. With the ATAR calculator, you can estimate your final score for each subject as well as your final ATAR total score...

From the third year of establishment to now, Austin Education students' VCE scores have always attract people's attention, we not only have the top scorers in college entrance examination and single subject for five consecutive years, but also achieved success of hundreds of students with high scores of over 95 every year, and we become the leader of the tutoring session. In order to maintain excellent results, Austin Education always uphold the heart of humility and strive to improve the skills. Not only did we establish a strict selection system for teachers and a detailed training system as well as developing teaching and research materials carefully, but also continuously organized teachers to participate in teaching competition.

Austin and Ausyouth offer courses for all ages student from Grades 1 to 12 in Victoria State. Lower-class (Grades 1-9) offer advanced placement courses in English, Math, Chinese, Science, Language and humanities as well as AEAS, scholarship courses for private schools and entrance examinations courses for elite schools.The upper-class (Grades 10-12) offer VCE and IB courses covering dozens of subjects, offering small classes and VIP one-to-one and one-to-many clas ses, enable to provide the most suitable and targeted choice for each student. Meanwhile, our teachers will also put forward corresponding suggestions according to the actual situation of students in different learning stages, so as to overcome the difficulties one by one and improve the performance immediately.

Our exclusive teaching materials cover all subjects and all grades from primary school to VCE with concentrating the painstaking efforts of dozens of teaching experts in various grades. Lower-class textbooks are based on the Curriculum of Victoria and combined with the teaching content of Singapore, Britain and the United States. step by step in the breadth, depth and overall curriculum setting, expand thinking to ensure that each student can have substantial performance improvement; upper-class textbooks are supported by examiners and teachers who participate in the compilation of official textbooks, closely following the guidance and tendency of The VCAA examination to ensure accurate prediction, strive for every point, for only showing the best performance in front of students.

In Austin Education, we not only have excellent teachers, but also have professional teaching affairs teachers and teaching assistants team which are full of skills, providing meticulous services in both study and life. They care about students' psychological changes at any time and take charge of homework correction and supervising the completion of homework, also organize regular parents' meetings and timely feedback on students' learning, so as to ensure the communication between parents and teachers, thereby help parents understand their children' developments. Parents don't have to worry about their kids studying anymore!

In order to guarantee students' high efficiency and high quality learning, Austin Education adopts the Xiaobaojia's curriculum management system and self-developed online homework examination system. Xiaobaojia can send important school notices and class reminders to students and their parents at the first time in time and accurately; The homework examination system can provide targeted questions for consolidation and practice in a convenient way after class. Meanwhile, it can also get feedback on results in the first time, enable students to understand their strengths and weaknesses, so as to improve their learning efficiency.

Admission Process

Admission Process
[City Campus]
04 5020 6886
Level 5, 61 Queens Street, Melbourne
[Box Hill Campus]
04 2680 0815
Suite 1-3, 899 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill
[Mt Waverley VCE Campus]
04 0650 8127
8 The Highway, Mt Waverley
[Mt Waverley Ausyouth]
04 2209 9665
Level 1, 304 Stephensons Road, Mount Waverley

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