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The VCE teaching team of Austin Education is composed of VCE examiners, senior registered teachers in Victoria, doctor of mathematics, winners of Olympic mathematics competition and VCE champion. From 2017 to 2021, Austin Education has more than 400 students with academic scores of more than 40 in Mathematics (mathematical methods and specialist math), and more than 20 students have become the top of VCE in mathematical methods and specialist mathematics (with a academic score of 50). The average academic score of VCE mathematics sprint class has reached more than 43!
VCE Chinese special courses
Annual Deluxe Package
The annual deluxe package is applicable to small classes of vce1 & 2 and vce3 & 4. VCE Chinese small class is composed of classes according to students' academic achievements and teaches students according to their aptitude, which effectively improves students' classroom learning efficiency. Under the condition of moderately exceeding the progress of the school curriculum, the overall curriculum carries out training and intensive training for the key points of each subject examination. It can not only provide good classroom enclosure, but also give students more opportunities for learning and communication, so that students can improve together in a harmonious competitive environment
Mock exam course before vacation / examination
For VCE Chinese, Austin Education adopts the form of exclusive mock exam to simulate the Chinese test. Only when you are fully prepared can you be handy in the test! Come to Austin during the holiday / exam. Full reality simulation test helps you improve quickly!
Chinese language group division Q & A
What is Chinese first language?
Students who have received formal education in China (or countries where Chinese is the main language) for more than seven years need to take the "Chinese first language" examination. What is Chinese second language advanced?
What is Chinese second language advanced?
Students who meet the following two requirements need to take the Chinese second language advanced test:
-Living in China for more than 3 years and receiving education in China (or schools with Chinese as the main teaching language) for more than 1 year but less than 7 years.
In addition, the highest grade of education in schools with Chinese as the main language shall not exceed the seventh grade of Victoria. What is Chinese second language?
What is Chinese second ChineseSecondLanguage?
Students who have not lived in China or have lived in China (or countries and regions where Chinese is the first language) for less than 3 years need to take the "Chinese second language" examination.

VCE Chinese and other language courses are mainly taught in small classes of 4-8 people. Every teacher attaches great importance to teamwork and the construction of subject question bank. Taking the Chinese college entrance examination group as an example, in addition to the weekly class study, students are also equipped with one-on-one oral English special counseling and listening special simulation exercises on holidays.

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